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Frederick Douglass Republicans

Reminder there will not be a meeting for Thursday, July 18th.  Find us instead at our booth at the 4H fairgrounds!

Next week, July 25th our guest speaker will be K. Carl Smith, whose commitment to the guiding principles of the Founding Fathers led him to launch the Frederick Douglass Republican Movement. Its mission is to enlighten, educate, empower and equip its members based on the Frederick Douglass Republican Methodology – a unique and powerfully effective strategy to: (1) re-ignite America’s passion for Liberty; (2) help the Republican party recapture its political distinction; (3) save the souls of the politically lost; (4) promote racial unity; (5) create an atmosphere for political dialogue without the accusation of racism or Uncle Tomism; and (6) trump the race card. Mr. Smith has been featured on the 700 Club, Fox News’ Mike Huckabee show, and numerous radio and Internet talk shows.


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